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Exhibitor Application 2024

Spring Into Spice Exhibitor Application

Thank you for your interest in Spring Into Spice! We are a group obsessed with bridging cultural gaps using food and wine as our conduit.  Together, we can work on cementing cognitive diversity in food and wine while presenting your brand to over 3,500 festival attendees from the GTHA, who themselves are interested in food culture, ethnic foods, and wine exploration.

Working with the Spice Food & Wine group gives you access to consumers, trade experts, and media who influence trends and buying decisions.

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Saturday, May 11, 2024

Downtown, Toronto, Ontario, 

Doors open at noon and close at 10:00 PM



  • General Exhibitor fee:

  • Early Bird - $800.00, paid before or on March 1, 2024

  • General  - $1,500.00

    • We have room for three (3) Exhibitor partners in our paid media and marketing initiatives, which include print, radio, television and digital.   Please send your inquiries here.

  • 10x10 Booth

  • Canopy tent

  • Tablecloths

  • Chairs

  • Free ice brought to your booths if needed

  • Four (4) Exhibitor badges

  • Logo placement on pertinent show collateral

  • Exhibitors are permitted to sell their items at the festival

    • Wine Exhibitors can sell their wines in the bottle shop on site.  For more information, please email us here.

    • Food Exhibitors can sell pre-packaged goods, outside of the food samples, but must use the show Sample Tickets as the form of payment (see the section entitled Show Currency).


The only acceptable currency at the Spring Into Spice Food & Wine Festival is the event provided Sample Tickets. Any attendee wishing to buy food or wine samples must use Sample Tickets. No goods should be purchased using cash or any other form of payment other than the event Sample Tickets.

Each ticket has a value of one dollar ($1.00) Canadian, and you will want to price your samples accordingly.  All Exhibitors will be given several redemption forms that can be used throughout the event date to tally and record the number of Sample Tickets collected. 

Payments for samples sold (tickets) will be made to all Exhibitors within three to four weeks of the event date, minus 20% for show administration.

Sample tickets are like cash.  Keep them secure and redeem them often throughout the day.  If  you are unable to submit your tickets on the day of the event, we will make alternate arrangements for you.


Based on capacity, Exhibitors will be selected on a first-come, first-serve basis, but considerations will be made to ensure diversity in the Exhibitor cuisines and Exhibitor type (food and wine).  You should also know that booth sharing is allowed (two companies maximum), but you must apply together.

Lastly, an application submission does not guarantee acceptance into the Spring Into Spice Food & Wine Festival on May 11, 2024.  


Items dispensed at Exhibitor’s booths are limited to products manufactured, processed, or distributed by the exhibiting firm.

The applicant Exhibitor or Exhibitor representative must be in attendance for the entire duration of the festival. Exhibitor is responsible for securing items in their  booth, and the Spice Food & Wine Group is not responsible for Exhibitor booth patrol. 

All staff must be 19 years of age or older.

No DJs are permitted. The show staff has secured a radio live to air and DJs for the festival.


Exhibitors will have access to the festival pavilion from 9:00 AM EST, on the festival date (May 11, 2024).  All tables, chairs and tents will be setup by this time.  Exhibitors will have up until 11:00 PM EST to tear down any materials they themselves provide. 


If you can no longer participate in the Spring Into Spice Food & Wine Festival, refunds of the booth fee will be processed up to April 3, 2024.  Any refund request submitted after April 3, 2024, will be declined.


We're excited that you are interested in sharing your food fare with the community at Spring Into Spice!

Here are some key things to consider and remember about your participation at the Spring Into Spice  Food & Wine Festival:

  • Offer only 2-3 food sample choices.

  • Each food booth MUST have someone present who holds a FOOD HANDLER CERTIFICATE.

  • Please bring physical or digital proof of your Food Handler Certificate.

  • Focus on items that showcase your talents but are easy to prep, serve and eat with one hand or fork only. Remember that most guests are also holding a tasting glass.

  • There are no cooking facilities at the festival. You are encouraged to bring items that can be warmed, prepared and easily served. 

  • You are responsible for providing your food warmers. Each Exhibitor table will have sufficient room for several warmers. 

  • Clear signage, visible from a distance with a list of items and price for each i.e. chalkboard and plexi or framed table signage. Showcase a sample of each if possible.

  • Train staff to provide an important message about your brand, which will deliver results. You have a moment of undivided attention.  Make it memorable.

  • We recommend no phones, sitting, eating, or drinking.  Engage your guests! 

  • If frying or using cooking oils of any type, you are responsible for providing your own grease catcher, and or a suitable device to protect the grounds and facilities.

  • Exhibitors are exclusively responsible and liable for damages caused by their acts, omissions, equipment or any other cause. Booth inspections will be conducted at the start of setup, and at the close of the event. All assessed damages, and the resulting fees, will be the responsibility of the Exhibitor. 

  • The Festival reserves the right to debit damage costs from Exhibitor festival revenues if a reasonable payment schedule is not derived.



We're excited that you are interested in sharing your wines with the community at Spring Into Spice!

Here are some key things to consider and remember about your participation at the Spring Into Spice Food & Wine Festival:

  • Exhibitors are required to provide their own spit buckets and pitchers for rinsing glasses.

  • All staff members handling and serving alcoholic beverages MUST BE SMART SERVE CERTIFIED. 

  • Please carry your SMART SERVE card at all times.

As a wine Exhibitor, you can be held legally liable for the safety and sobriety of your customers. You can lower your liability risks by ensuring that each alcohol sample does not exceed LCBO guidelines. Glasses are all marked with ounce measurements – you must not exceed these allowances.

Beverage guidelines:

  • 23% alc. Vol. or greater max. serving 30 ml.

  • 7% alc. Vol. to 22% alc. Vol. max. serving 60 ml.

  • 6% or less alc. Vol. max. serving 115 ml.

  • No free drinks to patrons or staff

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