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Exhibitor Package 2024

Spring Into Spice Outdoor Food & Wine Festival

Saturday, May 11, 2024

12 noon to 10:00 PM

Fort York, Downtown, Toronto

Spring Into Spice The Social  is Canada's first open-air ethnic food and wine festival!  Again this year, the festival is being held downtown Toronto, at an accessible location with both Go Train and TTC access. This is an event you want to be a part of. Our 2022, and 2023 festivals were huge successes and a great time had by all involved. Check it out!

The Spice Food & Wine series gives everyone a chance to build their own narrative around wine and, more specifically, wine and their national dishes regardless of background and race.  

Event-goers leave the Spice Food & Wine events having additional tools in their arsenal that allow them to expand their knowledge around wine and the science behind food and wine pairing in general.

​This is done in support of cognitive diversity in wine.

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The Spice Food & Wine Series is just that; a series of food and wine tastings that highlight the beauty in ethnicity, cuisine, and wine. Imagine taking a wine made in Hungary and pairing it with an Eritrean dish or a wine made in Burgundy, France, and pairing it with a dish from Trinidad. This is what the Spice Food & Wine Series is.

We pair the wines we love with the spices we love and build new and inclusive narratives around wine.

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Spring Into Spice - The Social is our chance to bring 30+ ethnic food vendors, Ontario wineries, and wine importers together in an open-air environment. 

What better way to spread the Spice Food & Wine Event experience than through an outdoor food and wine festival!


Attendees will get  a chance to walk around and munch on tasty cuisines such as Caribbean, African, Indian, Thai, Latin American, and so much more. At the same time, venture over to a wine tent to try various wines with the foods on site at the festival. Spring Into Spice event-goers will have countless pairings at their fingertips, as well as the opportunity to take advantage of deep dive seminars throughout the day on food and wine pairing.

It’s guaranteed to be a fun day with music, food, wine, and break-out pairing seminars!

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