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Moscato is a semi-sweet, medium to low-acidity white wine produced from Muscat grapes.

Moscato has a fragrant aroma of fruit such as peach, apricot, and orangey citrus with delicate floral notes of rose and elderflower.

Tasting Notes


C.H. Haughton Wine Co.


California, USA


About the Winemaker

C.H. Haughton wines has been curated as a healthier choice for wine lovers. No harsh chemicals are used in our production, with low sugar content and 85% less preservatives. We have been lucky enough to find partners who share our vision in creating a healthier quality wine at a great price .  The result has been a smooth, clean, and crisp tasting wine. We are garnering a loyal customer base, whom we listen to and invite their opinions regularly. We currently have six wines that range from dry to sweet white and red.  We hold monthly tasting through out the City at restaurants we have built partnerships with.  We welcome everyone to taste and enjoy.

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