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The Spice Food & Wine Group presents...



Gourmandee Tees


Gourmandee Tees is an apparel brand for food and wine lovers who want to show their love of food and wine in a cheeky way.



Maison Noir Wines
Ken Forrester Wines


These are two different wineries represented by one local agency here in Ontario: Noble Estates. 

At Black Grapes we are pouring the Horseshoes & Handgrenades, and O.P.P. from Maison Noir.  From Ken Forrester wines we are pouring their Old Vine Chenin Blanc, made by winemaker Shawn Mathyse, South African Winemaker. 




Intra Vino Wines


Intra Vino specializes in bringing high quality wines from around the world to Ontario. While they were known for their Greek wine portfolio, the group has expanded its offering while still keeping a keen eye to quality. 

Intra Vino is features at Black Grapes because of Jerome's (he's the one pouring the wines for you) commitment to the community keeping in mind not only traditional wine marketing needs, but the needs of diverse palates that come from a similar background to his.

Tonight Jerome is pouring:

Tortoise Creek Cabernet Sauvignon

Tortoise Creek Chardonnay




Great Heart Wines


Gynore Hyndrics is the head winemaker at Great Heart Wines out of South Africa. She was born and bred in Malmesbury, Swartland.  She studied Viticulture and Oenology at Elsenburg Agricultural Institute. Her last internship with the program was at the Mullineux and Leeu Family Wines Estate where her incredible ability as a winemaker was recognized. Sometime later, the Mullineux’s approached Gynore with an idea. They asked if she would be willing to be both head winemaker and shareholder of a new wine label and project called Great Heart. In fact, all of the staff at Great Heart own a percentage of the business and are paid dividends each year as shareholders.

Great Heart Wines are imported to Ontario through Nicholas Pearce Wines

Tonight, the Nicholas Pearce Team is pouring:

Great Heart Chenin Blanc Swartland 2021

Great Heart Swartland Red Blend 2020




Afrifab Designs


Afrifab Designs Handmade Creations Crafted with Love. Inspired by African Textiles & Culture.



Nyarai Wines


Nyarai Cellars is a “Virtual” winery, in that they do not own their own vineyards or winery building. In creating wines that bear the Nyarai Cellars’ name, careful consideration of ideal vineyard localities is paramount. The strength of individual appellations such as Niagara River, Lincoln Lakeshore and Twenty Valley Bench, go into creating a product of distinct character and elegance. A simplistic approach is followed during the entire winemaking process, which allows for purity-of-fruit to be the main focus.

Nyarai Cellars is being featured at Black Grapes because of Steve's (the winemaker)  unwavering commitment to breaking barriers and unleashing many firsts on the industry. Steve has an incredible knack to take grapes from differing sources and turn them into magic, and you will get to taste that at Black Grapes.  

Tonight Steve is pouring:


Field Blenders White





Hang Time Wines


Black Grapes is wholly committed to celebrating all black voices in wine, and wine import agencies owned by black individuals are no exception.

Hang Time Wines is owned and run by sommelier Stephen Thomas.

It is a boutique wine importing agency focused on curating a distinctive selection of high-quality wines from independent, small-scale wineries.

Tonight Stephen is pouring from his portfolio:

2014 Godspeed Chardonnay Mt.Veeder Napa Valley California

2019 Dos Mundo Bodegas Milenico Ribera del Duero Spain 


Aslina Wines


This wine is from South Africa and is made by a force in the industry, Ntsiki Biyela.


Ntsiki grew up in a small village in KwaZulu-Natal and was once a domestic worker until she got a scholarship to study wine at Stellenbosch University.  In 2004 she was hired by a brand as their winemaker, making her the first black female winemaker in South Africa. In 2009 she was named South Africa’s Woman Winemaker of the Year. Finally, in 2017, with her own funds, she started her wine brand, Aslina Wines.

Ntsiki Biyela now sits on the board of the Pinotage Youth Development Academy – an organization focused on supporting youth who want to pursue a career in wine. Moreover, a portion of her wine sales goes to help the organization in their fundraising

Aslina Wines is imported to Ontario through the Gradwell Wines Agency

Tonight, the Gradwell Wines Team is pouring:

Alsina Chardonnay

Aslina Umsasane 

Aslina Chenin Blanc, 2021

Aslina Chenin Blanc, 2022




The Abibiman Project


The Abibman Project is the brain child of Rachel Adjei.

Rachel Adjei is a Rexdale born and raised Ghanaian chef trained in diverse international cuisines and pastry. In recent years, she's turned her culinary focus inward by creating The Abibiman Project, a celebration of diverse and unique regional African cuisines. Her love for food, culture, and history has allowed her constant curiosity to flourish, thus combining creativity and tradition to create one-of-a-kind culinary experiences.



Wade Cellars


Wade Cellars was born out of Dwyane Wade’s love of the great wines of Napa Valley.

Inspired by the opulent Cabernet Sauvignons of this famed American wine-growing region, Dwyane sought the advice and mentorship of the Pahlmeyer family to collaborate in the production of Wade Cellars.

Since the first vintage in 2012, the production range has expanded to a diverse collection of wines inspired by California’s rich winemaking tradition with a healthy dose of Dwyane’s style.

Wade Cellars Wines are imported to Ontario through the Halpern Wine Agency

Tonight, the Halpern Team is pouring:

Three by Wade Chenin Blanc




The Spice Food and Wine Group presents BLACK GRAPES, a Black History Month Celebration.

An evening of celebrating black winemakers and agents from around the world. 

In wine, the term ‘black grapes’ is used to describe the grapes that go into making red wine. On February 21st, however, we’re using the term to celebrate wines with contributions made by the black community to celebrate Black History Month.


Come and taste wines from Canada, the United States, South Africa, and more. The wines are curated by sommelier Beverly Crandon, and each come with a unique sense of style and delicious versatility. 

Small Grape_Black Grapes logo.png

What’s more, you’ll get to sample snacks from Flavours of Guyana

All food and wine samples are covered with your ticket cost of $35. 


Let’s raise a glass on February 21st to the many black voices in wine.



Be sure to watch Trenedee Watson create magic on site as she live paints one of her cherished abstracts!

Our Sponsors




Accelerate Auto is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing Black representation in the Canadian automotive industry. They provide Black talent and youth with access to mentorship for skills building and peer networking to support professional growth and career development. They facilitate career pathing through the form of internships to attract more Black talent to automotive and build awareness of opportunities within the industry.


Accelerate Auto is dedicated to creating a stronger and more diverse automotive workforce.



ZSA Legal Recruitment is Canada’s largest national legal recruitment firm specializing in the headhunting, recruitment and placement of lawyers, legal support staff and law firm management. 

ZSA believes that diversity, equity and inclusion are critical to the success of any organization, but their many benefits are not automatic. These principles require ongoing commitment and action as employers, advisors, and citizens.

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